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Only 1/5 Buffalo Horns Make It Past Our Quality Screening Standards

ValhallaVineyards is the reason you end up with a pristine Buffalo Horn instead of some deformed or terrible smelling version of what we sell. Buffalo Horns are 100% natural products. Buffalo Horns come in all types of shapes, sizes and shades of color. Unless you have a company like Valhalla Vineyards hand-inspecting each horn, you are likely to get stuck with one of the horns we passed up...aka what the farmers call scrap, and we call "crap."

When you shop with Valhalla, you get the ROYAL TREATMENT. We are known for delivering the HIGHEST-QUALITY, hand-made Buffalo horn products.  We offer an unconditional money back guarantee because we know you will be happy with the horn we send you. All the horns that make it to Valhalla Vineyards are premium, polished Buffalo Horns. We do all this because we want you to have a horn you can be proud to call your own.

If you contact us before you order, our premier customer service team will work with you to get you the color and size horn you are after. If you order from Valhalla Vineyards, you will have the best looking Horn in town. If you are unsatisfied with your horn for any reason, send it back to us for a FULL & COMPLETE refund + your shipping costs. This is our guarantee. We stand behind it unconditionally.

-Valhalla Vineyards Team

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“Great purchase. Exactly what you expect, unique real horn for drinking. ”

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