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Cleaning And Caring For Your Authentic Drinking Horn

Curing A Horn To Remove Smell

Keep Your Horn Smelling Fresh

If you’ve purchased your first authentic drinking horn, you may need some instructions on how to prepare and clean it. After all, authentic drinking horns are hand-crafted from animal products. Some general maintenance is necessary if you want your horn to stay fresh & classy. For special cleaning instructions that will keep your horn in good shape over time, please read the notes below.

To remove any unwanted odor or smell from your drinking horn, prepare a solution:

  • 50% Water
  • 50% Alcohol (pharmacy aisle alcohol not the kind you drink)
  • Let the solution soak for 24 hours

Additionally, during the soaking process you should check the horn periodically (every four hours) and top off the horn to compensate for any of the solution soaking into the horn. After 24 hours rinse out your horn with running water. It should now be cured of any off-putting smells.

Clean After Drinking

Hand wash only and towel try your horn after washing.

When drinking wine, mead or regular beer from a ValhallaVineyards Horn, it is very easy to forget that your new mug is a hand-crafted work of art. The most common horn-mistake you can make is accidentally placing your horn in the dishwasher. The high temperatures of your dishwasher will ruin the seals of you horn. We totally understand how it happens. The experience of drinking from an authentic horn is time-tested POWERFUL. There’s nothing quite as fantastic as celebrating life with your friends in such a historical and elemental fashion. After you are done celebrating, you completely forget that you live in the 21st century. You accidentally put your hand-made buffalo horn in a dishwasher 🙁 and it gets ruined.

To keep your horn looking fresh, polished & sexy, the most important rule to always remember is HAND WASH ONLY
That being said, If this happens to you and you let us know by sending us a photo, we will still help you get a replacement at a steep discount. Our customer service team really does have your back!


Please pay close attention of what not to do with your new Buffalo Horn
  • Do not use horn in a dishwasher.
  • Do NOT use with hot liquids
  • Avoid contact with harsh chemicals and solvents.
  • Avoid sharp objects and strong bristles. Hand wash ONLY.
  • Towel dry your horn after washing.
  • Keep out of extreme temperatures (hot or cold)
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